Specialized Services


We provide a specialized medical team which consist of 1 MBBS Doctor & 2 Paramedics. Both these categories are professionally qualified & deliver the best medical services on board. We are proud to declare that least or negligible medical cases have been referred to shore till date. Our medical team have contained critical & adverse medical cases on board to the max thus avoiding LTA which is of prime importance, exorbitant cost & the efforts of transporting the patient to shore & thereof to the hospital etc.

The other vital role the medical team plays in maintaining high level hygiene & health awareness / standards of the crew on board.

Thorough inspection of galley, meat room, vegetable room, mess room, re-creation room, etc. are carried out periodically. All food items well scrutinized for their certification, expiry, etc.

Medical report of all in coming crew are checked & a general medical check up is carried. Medical reports of all crew on board are maintained for reference.


Introducing our special training & briefing programme designed & devised for the catering personnel deployed on offshore installations. Understanding the crux of the entire catering operation on board we have come out with a effective training & briefing programme for the catering personnel.

We provide quality Indian catering personnel who undergo our intensive training & briefing programme for all offshore projects. Catering personnel with offshore exposure & understanding are considered for selection. We provide Camp Boss / Catering Manager, Catering Supervisor, Chief Cook (Multi Cuisine specialist), Assistant Cook, Baker, Stewards, Laundryman, Housekeeper, Galley boy, Utility hand etc.

Our catering division is being headed by catering professional who has overall 22 years in catering industry spanning over offshore / onshore sites, world cruises, resorts, hospitality division, airport catering & much more. An all-round exposure & experience to run catering operation with the manning of catering personnel being the focal point of his career. A catering graduate with travel & tourism management course done & above all an MBA in HR & Finance.

Highlights of this training & briefing programme:

  • Pick & choose most suitable catering personnel considering the nationality, crew / officers strength, etc.
  • Trade testing the candidates at reputed / government recognized colleges.
  • Specialized / tailor made training conducted at catering colleges.
  • Cost Control
  • Stock Management
  • Wastage control
  • Weekly menu planning
  • Best practices in food safety & Hygiene
  • Skill development in client relationship
  • F&B service

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