Established in 2007

Demps Offshore has now completed 14 years serving to the oil & gas & dredging sector. Over the period of just 14 years we are in the position to provide host of offshore personnel for dredging projects, upstream, midstream & downstream. We are also in a position to provide international crew as maybe the client’s requirement. Self has been in the oil & gas industry for 35 years now & posses most competent team which provide quality & professional services to the client.

Managing the entire HR aspects which includes shortlisting, client approval, documentation, medicals, insurances, travel formalities, maintaining required crew strength, crew rotation schedule, crew change, payroll, etc. on behalf of our clients has been the focal point of our services. Our concept / intention is to ease out the pressure of managing the required man power & give the client room for focusing on other important issues.


To completely understand the client’s specific manpower requirements & deliver accordingly. Ensure that the client is least required to indulge himself in manpower requirements & it’s issues. To be cost effective by minimizing employees required to be hired in the HR department.


To build a network of satisfied customers who will vouch for our services to other major giant companies in the oil & gas industry. It will be apparent in our services the maturity in handling & managing the project crew. Build the confidence of our professional services & dependability in the clients. Be a globally recognized project crew management company.


Recognition through our dedicated & efficient services. Global abilities to reach out to the remotest projects (Oil & Gas). Bring profitability to client’s project by providing cost effective crew management services. Be a part taker in client’s success.